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Creating uniqueness & thinking out of the box

At OCCO, we specialize in providing existing brand names with revamped tactical platforms to revitalize your brand campaign, increasing its exclusivity and recognition. What we do:

  • Creating uniqueness, standing out of the box by developing a powerful brand story
  • Creating taglines, brand positioning strategies and brand name
  • Harnessing and implementing your brand’s image to create a new stream of customers

Our internet business consultancy team can:

Accurately define what it takes to be an enterprise or small business with our tailor made, highly innovative and cutting-edge brand strategies, creating out of the box strategies to enhance your brand’s image and recognition on a domestic and international level.

It is quite imperative to understand that your brand image is bigger and more important than any form of individual marketing campaigns implemented by your organization. The name of your brand and its reputation is the bedrock to your business, which needs to always stay solid and consistent. And this is especially true when it comes to online businesses. A solid brand image is fundamental to articulating a highly perceptive, efficient and effective marketing strategy. These strategies will then require a comprehensive analysis of your business – comparing it with your competitors’.

Our professional branding team has the expertise and the diligence to provide you with an insightful account of where exactly you rank in the market. We can develop a marketing plan for you, detailing, showing how you can climb up to the top. We can provide you with an up to date analysis and evaluations of your organization’s weaknesses and strengths, threats and business opportunities within the industry you operate in.

Evaluating the key concepts behind market leaders and how they have managed to brand so successfully, we can provide you with highly customizable branding solutions and strategies you can implement in view of your infrastructure and resources.

Stale, mundane and an inconsistent brand identity will always weaken your digital presence, hampering your ability to grow and make your presence optimally known. We have the technology and the expertise necessary to focus on the history of your organization, realizing your industrial footprint and the measure previously taken to enhance business operations in light of the requisites today. OCCO can help revitalize your brand name, creating a unique identity guaranteed to attract new customers. A reinvigoration of your brand identity will give birth to a new voice for your organization, spreading brand awareness.

Having an accurately defined brand name and recognition, which suits your business’ framework is what makes you unique. Your brand recognition dictates how you want your business organization to be viewed by your target audience. Your business model defines the plans your organization has in store to efficiently and effectively pursue and achieve the goals you have set out to achieve. Both your brand identity and your business model work hand in hand to create an exclusive perception of your business and what you have to offer in the minds of your target audience, this coupled with the fact that you have to ensure each and every specification of your customers are met. You need to transcend their expectations.

Complementing your business model by amalgamating your brand’s identity will result in a more distinguishable entity to a new target audience, embedding the image and logo of your company in their minds. Successful branding requires a streamlined brand campaigning requires all elements pertaining to your brand, which primarily include brand positioning, tagline, image and logo all reflect a consistent reflection of your organization’s mission, its philosophy and long term goals.

By carefully and strategically positioning your brand’s identity, fusing it within your websites, your social media networks and other marketing campaigns, you will be able to connect with your target audience at a deeper level, instead just having a traditional buying and selling relationship with them.

Great branding is more than developing a brand identity for your organization and it will not be enough to set yourself apart from your market rivals. The need for an effective strategy is paramount for etching your brand image in your target audience, having them perceive your brand as you want them to perceive it. And in order to do just that, you need a powerful and highly effective email messaging campaign to enhance your online presence while consistently keeping your framework up to data as you grow.

It is important that you persuade your target audience to come and buy from your website in a fashion that simplistically, but naturally lands them on your brand. Your brand strategy and the ideology behind it should guide their hand, showing them why they should come to your website, rather than just try and attract them to come and buy from you.

Your brand image must always reflect across all channels of marketing and digital campaigning. By ensuring your brand’s consistency, a robust email marketing strategy and a quick response, you will be able to form an unbreakable connection with your target audience at the emotional level, turning them into repeat clientele.

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