Print Design

Effective print design that envokes emotion & highlights benefits with clear copy & simple layouts


Print Design

In most cases, you only get one chance to impress your potential customers & partners. After a business meeting, it is your print marketing materials that are the only tangible representation of your company that are left behind. OCCO’s effective print designs allow you to stand out from the competition. When you are not around, make sure your print marketing materials can do the selling for you.


Good print design consists of envoking the emotional of the viewer with powerful visualization. OCCO’s Quality print design will stimulate human response in your audience and get them to think, learn, and feel about the topic.

Clear Copy

OCCO understands that copy-heavy print content must utilize single lines of copy and bullet points to encourage readers to read all the information presented. We make sure that large blocks of copy are easy to c digest and so they are never ignored.


OCCO’s print design experts create simple layouts that convey your message in a simple and concise manner. We make sure that nothing will be missed and everything catches the viewer’s eye. Good print design is clear, precise and is without cliutter.


Effective print design should not only look good but also call attention and focus to the benefits of your product or service. Ultimately, the only reason people are looking at your marketing material is to find out what the benefits are.

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